A downloadable game for Windows and Linux

A relaxing adventure/visual novel game in an open environment where you can explore a remote island together with your childhood friend!


  • Fishing
  • Branching dialogue
  • Headpatting
  • vr support
  • Explorable island
  • Day/night cycle
  • Starting conversations
  • Dynamic weather

Planning to add

  • Swimming
  • Camping
  • Advanced headpatting
  • Playing games together
  • And many more other features!

Both vr and non-vr play is supported. If the vr controls don't work, try configuring the bindings through steam vr. If you encounter any problems with the game, please let me know so I can fix them as soon as possible.

This game is still in development and lacks many things I want to add, but I plan to actively develop it and add new content every week.

If you got some feature requests or if you run into issues when trying to play you can visit the discord and I'll try to help, at https://discord.gg/jfcHq7f


tomboyadventure-win 0.30.zip 479 MB
Version 25 13 days ago
tomboyadventure-linux 0.28.zip 709 MB
Version 9 32 days ago

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my dream... finally came true ;-; thank you very much for making this game mate, i'm looking forward for the next update in the future

Happy to hear that! I'll do my best to improve the game, there's still so much to do.

What are the pc requirements cause it's showing me 2fps and even after I change everything to low.

I have an intel i7-7700K and a GTX 1060 6GB graphics card and it runs well enough. Performance is on the list of things that I will work on in a later update.

Truly a masterpiece in the making. I do think the PC controls are a tad difficult in comparison to what motions controls would be but damn is this chill, and cute. 

Can't wait to see it finished. 

Glad to hear it! I try to improve the controls with each update since for this sort of game I think having a seamless gameplay is the best approach. Bad controls are just going to ruin the immersion.

the game is broken with the vive :C
can't move, interact with dialog and the fishing rod leaves your hand if you use it. i like the concept of this game though!

That's a shame. I only have an Oculus so it's difficult to test. I'll try to add some tutorials for the game for the next version, perhaps that could help to pinpoint the problem.

Nice, maybe try adding custom controller key mapping or more then just the keyboard help window thingy :)