Christmas update

A new update in time for Christmas!

This took a while as converting from SteamVR to OpenXR was more complicated that I had thought.
Do let me know if any controls don't work as they should.

During that time I added hand physics and some hand signs as well. Those changes should allow for some interesting interactions going forward.

I also tried to get the game working for wireless Oculus Quest 2 but without success. There were visual bugs and it was extremely laggy.
Next update I'll be making changes to the island and optimizing the rendering. After that I'll try to get the quest version working again.

Merry Christmas!


tomboyadventure-win demo 409 MB
Version 49 Dec 24, 2021
tomboyadventure-linux demo 480 MB
Version 25 Dec 24, 2021

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Thanks for update and a merry Christmas to you as well