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 Keep it up proud of you


Your discord server invite is expired

Sorry about that. Try this one

Hello, first of all thank you for this sharing. I have a problem and need your help. in game my character moves on its own. I can not solve this problem. i play with oculus quest 2 via steam vr. if anyone can tell me how to properly configure my oculus throttle by what i can't. Thanks for reading me

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Have you tried increasing the joystick deadzone through steamVR settings? That might help.

Thanks for answering, no I don't know how to do that :( this game interests me can you help me or tell me how to set the deadzone?

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Sorry for late reply. It's in steamvr controller settings -> Edit thumbstick settings.

If that doesn't work you could try changing the deadzone through steamvr bindings.


Just wondering, but are you able to make it for oculus quest? I don't know anything about making vr games but i would like to play it in vr, but i only have a oculus quest.


I did try to make it work but without any success. I think the only way to get it running on a quest is with a quest link + running steamVR in the background.


god gave me a dream


i am glad to see this project still going


i love tomboys😫


This game improved quite a lot since the first time I played it, nice work!

Controls works flawlessly with my Valve Index btw :3


Thanks! Progress has been slow but I am very happy with how it is shaping up.

Having trouble with controls in VR. Shows a blue line from my controller just kinda... There... Not moving or anything. Can't interact with anything.

What sort of headset are you using?

Hello, recently new player here, I'm having an issue with the blue fish, they seem to just throw me and Natsumi into the air and mess with the game. Not sure if I might've caused that by accident, but, might be something to look into? Otherwise, it seems fun, nice, and relaxing!

Thanks for letting me know! I'll see if I can fix it.

So uh, might've run into another issue again...those tiny fish that you can catch? well uh...

I think the collisions are a bit...big...again.

Damn, I thought I had fixed it. Will try again.

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*Thank you! Sorry I broke it again* :|


>Dark Skin Short Haired Tomboy 

Hey this is pretty good 

>Childhood Friend 
Instant Download 

You are cultured my good sir <3


is it possible to play it on mac?

Sorry, just win and linux.


So I just got the game and saw that the .exe was using Unity's icon. Not sure if you would like to use it but this is an alternative icon I made under 5mins for myself.

Sorry, I have already prepared an icon for the game. Thanks for the offer though!


I played this game for a bit,  And it was  a short but nice and relaxing experience, And I can't wait for new content to come out!

You're probably already aware of most bugs and already working to fix them, So I will spare you those.

If I would give a suggestion, I noticed it was quite easy to lose your way while exploring which really frustrated me, So some kind of map would come in handy, I am aware the "reset position" button already exists, But a map would be more convenient for exploration.

Keep the good work!

The world is up for a redesign. I figured once I add more landmarks it will be easier to navigate. Still, if it's a problem even then I'll add a map.

I mean, for now you could use this picture I took when I accidentally launched into Orbit :T Sorry about the fishing rod and the purple, starting cabin is on the far right*

A good idea, but I'm more interested how you got into orbit in the first place. Were you fishing at that point?

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Yes that was with the first collision bug for the fish, before you fixed it :P
So version 0.73 I think




There seems to be a bug, I don't know where to give you my money




nice one


thank you rimmy for bring me here


Is there voice work yet? cuz if there is I'm not hearing it???
(love the game so far btw<3)

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Not yet. For the full game I plan to have both English and Japanese voice acting, but that will take a while to finish.




all hail tomboys


Who's Here from rimmy?




Praise be to Rimmy and his love for all things "Tomboy"

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Praise be brotha


Darn right came here from Rimmy




This is a relaxing little game. It works suprisingly well in VR for what looks like a one man job. Well done!

A few little things in my time with messing around with it. I figure you're aware of these but just in case:
>Natsumi's pathfinding and/or AI seems to get confused and locks her in place on occasion. doesn't happen consistently enough for me to pinpoint a cause. Picking her up seems to un-stick whatever is going on in her brain, though.
>Objects like the mushroom bait and sticks are oddly hard to grab. Attaching the lighter/rod to the backpack can also be tricky.
>I imagine you're already planning on doing it, but putting things in the backpack would be super nice.
>The text box for her dialog might be better placed *above* her head in VR mode (or at least have it as an option). The CV1's vertical FOV isn't great, so I find myself looking down at the text a lot. feels a bit wrong to be staring at her shirt all the time.


Thanks for letting me know! I'll see if I can fix these for the next update.


see you added the VR text box position options (Font size too??? Nice!). Excellent.

Naturally, my rift decided that now was the perfect time to die. I'll test it out as soon as I've gotten it fixed.

so, I don't know what happened, but as we were climbing down the mountain, the girl complained about her ankles.
I offered to carry her, she refused and then did not move at all. :l

good game regardless.

There's a vr handle on her back. Just grab her and carry her down.

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You're suppose to carry her regardless

Until you get enough distance from the hill.


An updated Linux version would be nice. :)

It's up.

Awesome! Thanks!

is there anyway to sideload this onto quest or something


I'll try building a quest version after the next update, though right now I can't promise if it will work or not.

Alright awesome, I tried to sideload the files just from my desktop and it didn’t work

I did try to make it work but without any success. I think the only way to get it running on a quest is with a quest link + running steamVR in the background.


Hate to be that guy but if you could add a FOV slider, I'd love you forever, although this game already is making me love you forever for gracing us with this masterpiece.


Sure I'll add it. If not for the next update then the one after that.


The new update has the slider under graphics options, can you check if it works as required?

Can you add more tomboys with different looks

Right now I plan to stick with the current one, though I'll add new outfits and maybe some hairstyle changes.

Can you save the game somehow? Also, I get stuck in water a lot lmao. Swimming functionality? Seems a fun thing to do while on the island.

There's no way to save right now, sorry. It will be added at a later update.
Swimming is a great idea but would require a lot of time (animations, underwater stuff to see etc) to do properly, so right now I plan to concentrate on other things. I might add it later in the year.  

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I like the concept of the game, but maybe it's just me but the controls  especially for the fishing aspect is clunky and maybe improve the girl's AI I guess, but great game lot's of potential man and the first person style of this game kind of reminds me of monster girl island.

Oh yeah, the game has quite a long way to go before it's finished, especially fishing. I am still working on updates so do check it out in a few months time, there are a lot of fun things I plan to add.

ça marche, mais il m'est impossible de marcher sur le terrain. Je suis obligé de faire des téléportations pour aller d'un endroit à un autre. Ce n'est pas top du tout. J'aurais aimé me déplacer naturellement comme dans le jeu Obduction par exemple.

There is a smooth locomotion option you could try, it's under the height settings in general options.

ça ne marche pas avec Oculus Rift S

Le jeu apparaît sur l'écran du PC mais dans le casque il y a juste un sablier fixe.

Have you installed steamVR? That might fix it.

Je ne savais pas qu'il fallait installer Steam VR. Ce n'est pas indiqué. 

Sorry, I'll add that to the description.


tfw no virtual tomboy gf why even live

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Im using Htc vive pro and i got a few problems I don't know  if it on my end or the game? but i can't move in-game with Index controllers and Vive. Also they's this annoying god ray ass glare that is just blinding in Vr and i can't turn it off.

The god ray glare is a known issue on vive that I am trying to solve right now. Might be fixed by next update but difficult to tell since I only have riftS to test.

As for moving, it's possible to change the controls through steamVR, check it out to see if everything is set up correctly.

Also, the game starts off in "crouch" position so you need to stand up to move around. Press control on keyboard to see if that's what's causing the problem or not. 

Played the game for a solid half hour and its pretty peaceful just taking a break from what reality really is im looking forward to the next update

Glad to hear it! Next update will be out by the end of next week.

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Tried playing this on the Rift S and no matter what I did with the visuals, it stuttered a lot and wasn't very comfortable to play

I've got a Ryzen 5 1500X and a GTX 1060 6GB.

Edit: But it was nice and peaceful to walk around with a friend.

Thanks for letting me know! I'll work on performance for next update.


my dream... finally came true ;-; thank you very much for making this game mate, i'm looking forward for the next update in the future

Happy to hear that! I'll do my best to improve the game, there's still so much to do.

What are the pc requirements cause it's showing me 2fps and even after I change everything to low.

I have an intel i7-7700K and a GTX 1060 6GB graphics card and it runs well enough. Performance is on the list of things that I will work on in a later update.

Truly a masterpiece in the making. I do think the PC controls are a tad difficult in comparison to what motions controls would be but damn is this chill, and cute. 

Can't wait to see it finished. 

Glad to hear it! I try to improve the controls with each update since for this sort of game I think having a seamless gameplay is the best approach. Bad controls are just going to ruin the immersion.

the game is broken with the vive :C
can't move, interact with dialog and the fishing rod leaves your hand if you use it. i like the concept of this game though!

That's a shame. I only have an Oculus so it's difficult to test. I'll try to add some tutorials for the game for the next version, perhaps that could help to pinpoint the problem.

Nice, maybe try adding custom controller key mapping or more then just the keyboard help window thingy :)

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